Potential Industries to Approach

Some Ideas for Potential Industries to Approach

Real Estate

If you are a sales agent, put a beacon on every sales sign and it constantly broadcasts the details of the property to Android phone users that walk or drive by. You don't have to stuff the holder with paper flyers with a little bit of information. Now, with your new Keekom website you can post a whole series of pictures of your listing, along with the price and your own personal information.

If you are a broker, buy beacons for every one of your sales agents and put beacons on every listing that you have. Every person passing by on foot or in a car is now a potential buyer. Others, seeing your message on their phone might now think that you are the one they want to list with to gain an advantage over all other properties that don't have a beacon campaign.

Service Industry & Vehicles

No matter if you are in pest control, plumbing, excavation, a handyman, HVAC or electrician, mount a beacon on your truck. Now, you can advertise your company everywhere your trucks go, whether it is on a freeway, down a city street, or in a local neighborhood. You never know when someone is looking for your service, and that could be the time that you drive past them. They click your ad and go directly to your website landing page.


Every restaurant should mount a beacon on their window. Tell the people passing by about your great food. Use a hook; tell them they get a free beer or milkshake with a meal like Chomp is doing in Solvang. You can reach people across the street or down a block, walking by or driving by. Invite them in to have a meal with you.

​Outdoor Advertising

​You can only read bus stop and bench ads from a few feet away, but post a beacon on the enclosure and you broadcast to Android phones for up to 300 meters away! If they click your catch-phrase, they go to your advertiser's web page and now you have their attention forever.

​A driver only has a couple of seconds to see your billboard message, but if you mount a beacon on your sign as well, then your message can travel with them on their phone. That's called boost and reinforcement.

​Direct Selling Industry

What's the biggest drawback to being successful in Network Marketing—no matter what company that you belong to? It is the fact that you quickly run out of people that are in your inner circle of friends and acquaintances, right? Now you can tell your story everywhere you go! Put a beacon around your neck, or in your pocket, and everywhere you go people are reading about your product or opportunity, it automatically pops up on their phone. Sit in the movie theater. Everyone is checking their phones before it starts, now your message will pop up on their phone. Mount a beacon in your car and you will be broadcasting your information wherever you drive. Walk into an auditorium, and the minute that the Android users look at their phone, they see your ad, and it only costs pennies a day. No more excuses, start building your business.

Retail Stores



Every retail store should have a beacon mounted outside and inside to draw people in with specials and "instant savings" if they see the message that popped up on their phone.

Conventions & Vendors

Conventions are the perfect place to use your beacon. Have you ever tried to find a specific booth in the madhouse? Put a beacon in your booth and every time someone with an Android phone looks down, they see you ad with your booth number, or simple tell them that they are only 10 feet away... "look for us!" Put a beacon lanyard on every one of your employees, and no matter where they walk, they are broadcasting your story. Remember, you also get a free website landing page that you can change whenever you want with just your phone App. Tell the attendees that there is a demo at 10 AM at your booth, or 10% off your product at the show.

Political Rallies

You can't find a better place to get your message out to thousands of people at one time. Wear a lanyard around your neck; your ad will be seen, your free website will stay with people forever.

Athletic Events

There are multiple ways to use your beacons at athletic events. Let's take a bike race for example; bike sponsors can put a beacon around the racers' neck so that it follows the racers all along the rout; they can use beacons on the rally tents and post schedules and times; the merchants can post them and attract the thousands of people that join these events. Next, add social networking (below) and you have a spectacular event.

Social Networking — What fun!

"Social Networking"

"I'm less than 10 feet away. Find me!"

"Show this Ad and save 10% at the door"

"See our website, hear our music."

There are unlimited possibilities with beacons. Put your beacon in your pocket or around your neck to hook up with your new friends or customers. Infinite possibilities for the mind of the young.

Car & Bike Rallies

Every vender should have a beacon drawing the crowd to their products. Every auto or bike should have a beacon to tell their story. Remember, every beacon comes with a website page where you can tell your story in detail and they can take with them long after the rally.