Potential Industries to Approach

Beacon Technology is Growing Exponentially!​

Join the Wave and Add Cash to Your Bottom Line!

Once you have your beacons and get them up and running, you will be talking about this new wave in advertising. Many of your business friends and associates are bound to ask you how and where they can get a beacon for themselves—and now you can profit when they purchase beacons from Keekom. All you have to do is join our Referral Program.

What is the Keekom Referral Program?

Keekom wants you to become a part of our wide independent Referral Program. To reward you for your efforts at helping us and the industry as a whole grow, we will pay you a Referral Bonus each time you get a customer to sign up to Keekom which means that they purchase one of our beacon packages.* But, it doesn't stop there. You will receive a 10% Referral Compensation each and every month that the customer remains an active customer; month after month, year after year. Wow! Now that is an incredible way to add to your bottom line. Make a referral, and we will reward you as long as the customer remains active!

Want more? OK, whenever one of your customer's joins our Referral Program (just like you), and they sign up customers for themselves, we pay you a 5% Referral Compensation on their customers' monthly subscriptions as well. Check it out.

Keekom Referral Payplan

To become a Referral Program participant, sign up and pay your $99 Setup Fee, then order a PREMIUM PLAN which gives you 4 beacons, and you are instantly qualified. Now, start signing up Professionals, Businesses, as well as other Referral Program participants to multiply your potential income. After qualifying, you will earn a Bonus for every beacon package that you directly sell; whether it is a LITE PLAN, a PREMIUM PLAN, or a BUSINESS PLAN (see graphic below). You also earn a 10% Compensation on all the Monthly Subscriptions derived from those customers that you signed up (Level 1 Sales below) for as long as they remain active. In addition, if you sign up others as Referral Program Participants under your sponsorship, you will earn a 5% Compensation on all the Monthly Subscriptions derived from those customers and their sales as well (Level 2 below). You automatically receive commissions monthly, for as long as customers remain active.

Example Only: Product Pricing May Change which Affects Compensation Amounts

Requirements to Become a Member of our Referral Program

There are minimum requirements in order to qualify to earn Bonuses and Monthly Subscription compensation. You can't recommend a product that you don't understand, thus we require you to purchase a PREMIUM PLAN (which includes 4 different beacons) as a minimum so that you can use and share our products with prospective customers. Keekom is engaged in an aggressive social media campaign on behalf of our referral members, thus our participants in the Referral Program must agree to participate in our education program via social media. Here we will periodically post information on our amazing new technology to help you share with potential customers. All Agents are required to "Friend" us on two or more of the following social media platforms prior to payment of any commisions:

Refer to T&C's for Referral Member Program

Some Ideas for Potential Industries to Approach

For as many businesses, events or industries that you can think up or list, there are are powerful ways to deploy the new Keekom Beacons. Remember, businesses need to reach out in new ways in order to attract new users and customers, and now you have the solution they have been waiting for.

​Click on a Picture for Hints on How to Sell to these Industries or Events.

Real Estate

Service Industry & Vehicles


Outdoor Advertising

Direct Selling Industry

Retail Stores

Conventions & Vendors

Political Rallies

Athletic Events

Social Networking

Bike & Car Rallies