If you haven't already, download the Keekom App by either going to the Apple or the Google download site. You can go there now by clicking on one of the two logos below.



The first thing that you see when you are opening your Keekom App is the "Splash Page".


Once your App turns on, you will automatically arrive at the Login Page. When you initially become a customer, you get a Welcome email with your Username (your email) and a standard Password.

Note. If for some reason you forget your password, please click on "Forgot Password," input your Registered Email” and your password “Reset Link” will be emailed to you. Note. that link is only valid for 30 minutes.


​The Initial Page you arrive at when you login, is your "Account Page".This page shows all of your Beacons that are “Virtually" tied to your account.

By directly clicking on “Edit Tab” of any beacon here, you will automatically be directed to your "Edit Beacon" page for that specific beacon (See ​Step 4 to the Right).

​Click on “Analytic Tab” of any beacon here, you will automatically be directed to your Analytic Page to view the traffic of that specific beacon. Note. For additional details and a downloadable report of your Analytics please login into you Online Portal. ​(See ​Step 9 Below).


This is where you can change your Device’s Business Location (for easy reference), change your URL, and change your message (you will not be allowed to input more than 40 characters in your ad including spaces).

You can also assign a landing page to your Beacon; provided you already created a landing page in your Online Portal.

Note. Google requires that you select the "Stability" (Activity of your beacon). Select how the beacon is being used form the menu.

Primary address: Your home or office address is sufficient for each beacon(s) (See step 5 Below).

When you are done click “Save.” If you decide not to apply your changes click “Cancel”.


This is what you can expect to see when selecting a proper address for your Beacon.If the correct address is shown click "Select" if it's no the correct address click "Change Address".

When you are done click “Save.” If you decide not to apply your changes click “Cancel”.


At your Account Page, you also have the option to change all messages at once, by clicking on the tab at the top right corner.

Group Edit:
You can also selectively choose what beacons you want to change, by directly clicking on each beacon's corresponding yellow check box (right) . Once you are done please select “Proceed” (See Step 7).


Once you are on this page, remember that any and all beacons you previously selected will be changed. Here you can edit the Link, Message and Landing page of all beacons that you previously selected.

Note. you MUST have already registered ALL of your beacon address's with Google before you can use this feature (see step 4). If you change your mind, just click “Cancel”.


Once you have changed your your Beacon’s settings in step 7, please wait Up to 24 Hours for your new changes to take affect.

​Note. If changes are not reflected on your App, please “Refresh” your Account Page. (top right corner)


When your Analytics Page (See Step 3) opens, you will be able to view how many times each one of your beacon’s have been clicked on or Viewed. A downloadable report of your Analytics is only available on your Online Portal.


Once again back at your Account Page.
By Clicking on your settings tab (top Left corner, see 3 horizontal lines) your “Settings Menu” will open (See Step 11).


Settings Menu:
a. - Click on “Configure” To adjust your beacons Broadcast Distance and Interval Rate, as well as view Battery Level (See Step a).

b. - Click on “Store” if you would like to purchase more beacons on KEEKOM’s Home Page (See Step b below).

c. - Click on “User Profile” to confirm you are logged into the correct account, as well as Copy or Share your Referral Link (if you are a Referral Member). See Step c below.

d. - Click on “Change Password” if you would like to change your password. Note. It is recommended that you immediately change your default password when you first get your account. See Step d below.

e. - Click on Log Out” if you would like to log out of your account.


Once you Click “Configure” Please wait while it searches for your Beacon(s).

Please make sure that you have your phone’s Bluetooth turned on, you are NOT connected to any to other devices through Bluetooth, and you are NOT currently talking on your phone, OR else your configuration will not work. See Step a.1 next.


While your App is searching for your beacon, please locate your beacon’s MAC address that you want to edit (it is located on the side of your beacon). Specifically, look at the last 3 digits of the MAC address and match it to beacon displayed on the App. If for some reason your beacon(s) info is not showing up, simply hit refresh (top right corner) of the screen. Once your Beacons are found, you will see them on this Configure Page.

Once you have located your beacon, notice that your battery level is displayed below the Mac address. Note. If battery level does not show please Click “Refresh”. To adjust your beacons Broadcast Distance and Interval Rate click “Connect”. and your desired beacon should flash twice once connection is made. Next, see step a2.


Once you have physically connected to your beacon, you will come to this page.

Advertise Interval:
Keekom's Beacon’s advertising interval is preset from the factory to 500ms, that means it is sending out a signal 2 times per second. For reference there are 1000ms in 1 second. So, if we were to adjust this beacon to 100ms, that means it will be sending out a signal 10 times per second. Additionally, if you were to set this beacon at 5000ms it would be sending out a signal 1 time every 5 seconds.

​For most applications we recommend the advertising interval to be between 500ms and 100ms. If you plan to keep this beacon in a vehicle or reach fast moving vehicles we recommend setting your beacon to 100ms. To change your “Advertise Interval” (Messages sent / milli second) slide the bar to the right or left.

​Radio TxPower (Broadcast Distance): Additionally, Your beacons also come preset from our factory at ¾ power.

​You will want to adjust this setting depending on your surroundings.

​You can find more information about interferences and distance on our website Keekom.

​If you set your beacon to minimum, you will not reach any phones, and if you set your beacon to maximum, your beacon can reach up to 300 meters (depending on your beacon’s model).

​To change your “Radio TxPower” (Broadcast Distance) slide the bar to the right or left.

​Once you are done please click “Save & Update”. You will know that your settings have been saved when your beacon flashes 3 times.

​Remember you can only configure your beacons (meaning change the Advertising Interval and TxPower) when you are within range of them (no more than 25 meters away). Everything else, aside from configuration, can be done from anywhere in the world, either from your Keekom App or your Online Portal.


Here, you can purchase more Amazing KEEKOM Beacons!


User Profile:
Here you can view your Username and Email and confirm you are logged into the correct account, as well as Copy or Share your Referral Link (if you are a Referral Member). You can reach this area from your Setting Menu. See Step 11 above.


On your "Change Password" page, please input “Old Password” (this will be in your Welcome email), and then choose a New Password for your Account. When you are done please click “Submit".

Note. If you forget your password, please click on "Forgot Password," in our Member Login area and a Password Reset Link will be emailed to your primary email address on account. Note. a Reset Password link is only valid for 30 min.


Once you have clicked “Log Out”, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to log out. If you still want to log out please click “Yes”. If not click “No”.

If at any time you want to log out of your App, see Settings Menu in Step 11.

Congratulations you are ready to deploy your Beacons!

It's time to get started Planning and Managing Your Proximity Marketing Campaign.

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