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Decide on the Type & Quantity of Beacons to Deploy for your Campaign.


Last Updated: Jan 1, 2017 3:00PM CDT

Type and quantity, greatly depend on your specific use case and needs

​For example:

  1. If you aim to engage with your customers at specific places or points (eg: send coupons to customers at the store entrance) then you should probably opt for the “Quad” or the “Puck”.
  2. If your locations are outside in the elements (eg: send information about a house for sale, from a for sale sign) we recommend deploying the “Beacon-Plus” or the “Waterproof”.
  3. Additionally, if you plan to target an audience while you are on the go (eg: send information about your MLM business while you are at a convention) then we absolutely recommend utilizing the “Lanyard”, the “Badge” or the “Key Fob”.

This list of models will help you gauge the correct beacon to deploy for every scenario of your campaign.

Beacon Models Offered

Keekom’s Everyday Carry Beacons

The “Lanyard” | 80meter range

​~ Perfect for Office or Convention ~ ​

​The “Badge” | 100meter range

~ Purse or Briefcase Friendly! ~

The “Key-Fob” | 90meter range


~ A Keychain that Makes you Money ~

Keekom’s Standard Beacons

​The “Puck” | 100 meter range

​~ Perfect Car or Truck Companion! ~

​​The “Quad” | 300meter range

~ A Must for Store Fronts~ +
Extra Long Battery Life.

Keekom’s 100% Water Proof Beacons

​​The “Beacon-Plus” | 100meter range


​~Perfect for any Exterior Application~

​​The “Waterproof” | 200meter range

​ ~Perfect for any Industrial or Commercial Application~
Screw Mount.
Note. Originally Designed For Realtors

Keekom Beacon Installation Considerations


Last Updated: Jan 1, 2017 3:00PM CDT

Let’s keep this part simple – Please use common sense when mounting beacons.

If you don’t prep the area/surface properly it probably won’t stay. Some things to consider when mounting beacons

Mounting Location - Where should I mount the beacons?

​Beacons don’t need to be seen to be heard, but they preferably shouldn’t be placed in an area where the signal will be subject to interference or be prone to theft. You can mount beacons within an enclosure, behind a counter, or ceiling tile with little effect on the signal. While the mounting location can be a balance between accessibility, preferred mounting method, effects on the beacon signal, requirements of the use case, aesthetics, etc... there are adjustments that can be made at the beacon and application level to compensate for installation location.

Mounting Method - How should I mount the beacons?

​You should mount your beacons in a manner that best suits your mounting surface. For long term deployments, double sided mounting tape works well on most surfaces. For short deployments, beacons can be attached with Velcro or a magnetic tape. Our “Robust” beacon features a mounting plate that can be attached to a surface with screws. All beacons come with prepared double sided mounting tape (industrial grade ”red” and standard interior grade “white”), Velcro, or magnetic tape. Our Lanyard beacon can be hung from its lanyard in addition to being affixed with double sided mounting tape/Velcro or Magnetic tape.

Range - What should I expect?

​Several factors can affect signal range including:

​Mounting surface - A beacons signal be amplified or redirected by metal behind the antenna causing increased range in one direction and reduced range in the other

​Surrounding environment - In some environments the beacon signal may be reflected down hallways and corridors for extended range RF interference - areas heavy with other BLE devices will see reduced range. This can be partially accounted for by increasing the Increasing the power level of a beacon.

Plan Your Keekom Beacon Placement & Layout


Last Updated: Jan 1, 2017 3:00PM CDT

Beacon placement is a very important step to ensure that the desired accuracy is achieved. Keekom’s Beacons BLE 5.0 radio waves are susceptible to environmental factors. Number of beacons, antenna orientation, the height at which they are placed, interference, human bodies and metal obstacles are some of the factors that contribute to the overall performance of any beacon based indoors or outdoors.

Keep these 6 factors in mind while placing your beacons:



Come up with a floor plan or layout of deployment area and select points of interest for beacon deployment. You need to survey the space/location once and create a floor plan. A few of the factors to be considered here include:

  1. Take note of the type of material that the walls at the deployment space are made of. This is extremely critical given that any partitions or walls made of concrete or metal almost completely block Bluetooth signals.
  2. Look out for objects such as sculptures, fountains etc., that lie in the range of a beacon, as they might block beacon signals, resulting in inability to reach potential customers.
  3. Try to figure out how crowded the deployment space could get, as even huge crowds can end up blocking beacon signals from reaching the users’ smartphones.
  4. Check for the height of the roof and the openness at the deployment space. In order to ensure optimal performance with your beacons, we recommend you mount your beacons at 3 - 4 meters above the ground or on the ceiling.

Prepping the location that you will be mounting your Beacons to.


4-Step Mounting process:

Step A.

Solvent Wipe (included in your Kit)

You must clean the surface first in order to get a proper bond.

Step B.

Wipe Dry (Paper Towel)

Your Surface must be dry before you stick your beacon to it.

Step C.

Apply tape to Beacon (included in your Kit)

Apply your VHB Tape, Velcro, or Magnetic Tape to your Beacon first, then hold firmly for 60 seconds for optimal adhesion.

Step D.

Apply Beacon to desired surface

Please press and hold Beacon to desired surface for 60 seconds for optimal adhesion.

Included in your Beacon kit is:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol for Prepping surfaces.
  • Magnetic Tape for mounting to metal surfaces.
  • Velcro for the ability to relocate easily.
  • 2 Types of VHB Tape; industrial grade (red) and standard interior grade (white).


Some of the surfaces that are not conducive to mounting Beacons to are:

  • Brick.
  • Stone.
  • Concrete.
  • Unsealed wood.
  • Teflon.
  • Exterior side of cars.

Application Temperature

Ideal Application Temperature range is 70°F to 100°F (21°C to 38°C) initial application to surfaces at temperatures below 50°F (10°C) is not recommended because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily.

Important Notice

Keekom is not responsible for damage to ANY surface in regard to damage resulting from the use or inability to use 3MTM VHBTM Tape due to misuse, workmanship in application, or application install/removal. The user is solely response to any and all damage derived from Beacons being mounted.

Beacon Orientation & Height


Beacon Height

The way beacons are oriented has a huge influence over the signal strength. One common mistake is to test beacons by only putting them on top of a piece of furniture, for example. If the beacon is oriented upwards, the signal is strongly weakened and dissipates into the ceiling. Orient them correctly by sticking them to the ceiling or on a wall for best results. Try to create a line of sight between a beacon and user’s phones. Also avoid having any obstacles between your target and the beacons. The easiest way to achieve that is to place beacons above crowds and objects. We’ve determined that the most effective placement for optimal signal propagation is no more that 3-4 meters above the floor with the “K” Logo facing out (like on the picture below). Installing beacons on ceilings also works well
. At a height of 5 meters or more, the signals are weakened. In that case, increase the signal power on the Keekom app to maximum from the default settings.

Antenna Pattern


How should I expect the beacon to radiate?

Keekom’s Beacons are Omni-directional, but there still are some preferences when orienting a Keekom beacon. The beacon's antenna is near the top of the beacon and it is preferred that the beacon isn't placed so that the antenna conflicts with the batteries (the batters are unlikely to be between the antenna and a receiving device).



Beacons are very simple devices, but prone to interference by objects in the environment. As beacons transmit using a short-range radio signal, position your beacons in locations where you minimize the levels of interference:

  1. Extreme temperatures can affect beacons signals.
  2. Avoid placing them near other electronic equipment that uses the same 2.4GHz band (e.g. wireless Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, wireless printers, wireless speakers, video transmitters/receivers, fluorescent lights, etc.).
  3. Materials that create the highest interference are metal and water. Metal can amplify and shift the signal in different directions depending on the surface and orientation of the beacon. And as humans are mostly made up of water, position beacons ideally high enough to avoid their interference and to increase line of sight with your consumers mobile devices. This is especially important when deploying beacons in crowded places.

Additional common material types and their interference potential.

  • Low interference potential: Wood, Synthetic materials, and Glass
  • Medium interference potential: Bricks and Marble
  • High interference potential: Plaster, Concrete, and bulletproof glass
  • Very high interference potential: Metal, Water

Note: Increasing Signal strength helps in situations where you might be subject to interference.

Adjusting settings


Performance and Range

​You can adjust signal performance & range by editing your beacon’s settings:

  1. Increasing or decreasing broadcasting power on Keekom Management App
  2. To adjust signal performance change your “Advertise Interval” (Messages sent / milli second) slide the bar to the right or left.

Note. If your target audience is moving at a fast pace, Increase your Advertising Interval.

Broadcasting Power directly impacts signal range. The more power, the longer the range. Increasing the power can also make the signal more stable, but keep in mind it can have negative effect on battery life.

For more information on using your Management App Click Here.

​Educating Customers on “Nearby Notifications”


Last Updated: Jan 1, 2017 3:00PM CDT

Tips for Beacon Awareness

Due to the fact that Bluetooth Beacons and the platform their message appears on “Google Nearby” is such a new Technology, educating people is extremely important.

​“As of October 25th, 2017 Google, decided to surface Bluetooth Beacons on Nearby, which is a feature now built in to all of its Android platforms.

​All Flagship Android phones (high end models) Manufactured after November 2017 will come with this feature pre-enabled (turned on).

​All Android phones Manufactured after 2018 will come with this feature pre-enabled (turned on) as well.

​If you have an older android model and it’s running on Android 8.0 or above, you will receive Beacon Notifications via Nearby. If Nearby feature is enabled.

​There are now a variety of apps that require the Nearby feature to be enabled, so there is a good chance your Android phone may already receive notifications.

​If your Android phone does not have Google Nearby enabled, please Enable it to receive “Links” & “Devices”.

​If you don’t know how and want to learn more, please visit our informational website:


​We thought it would be a great Idea to help potential customers become aware that you are offering discounts / sales / coupons / Etc. and that they are missing out on by not having Google Nearby Enabled.

​That being said we have developed an educational website with a corresponding NFC embedded window sticker that will teach older Android Phone users how to enable Nearby.

​This service is included for free with all Beacon Plans and every customer gets 1 double sided sticker with every kit.

​If you would like to purchase additional Nearby Stickers Please Visit www.BLEadvertising.com

Mounting your “NFC” Nearby Window Sticker

It is important to mount your Nearby window sticker in a visible and accessible location.

This will allow customers to tap their Android phone to the sticker, which will automatically direct them to the How-To Page for enabling Nearby.

Your Google Nearby Window Sticker has a tiny NCF chip embed in it. On that chip is the URL www.BLEadvertising.com/setup, all your customer has to do it tap their Android 4.0 or newer phone to the sticker. It will automatically take them to the Nearby setup page.

No need for you to explain to your customers how to enable Nearby, when you are busy running a company.

​Managing your Deployed Beacons


Tips for Managing your Beacons

This entire process is extremely easy with Keekom’s Management App. You just need to be within range to connect to the desired Beacon.

For more information on using your Management App Click Here.


Firmware updates should always be applied regardless of what device we're talking about, it's just good practice.

Save your Batteries

If you are using a mobile beacon and it’s at home with you, turn off if you can. This will preserve its battery life. This can Easily be done on your APP. Under the “Configure Tab”

Update CTA (Call To Action) Content Weekly (your Messages)

Update your “call to action” if you are using beacons to attract passersby for pure advertising.

Note: Your “Message” is what is getting people to click on your LINK If your message is not relevant or does not interest people they may NOT click on your

Advertisement. It may take you a couple tries before people start clicking on our ad. Be Creative and try new messages.

Also Note: Online Google bumps websites that have low traffic online due to bad SEO, the same is true for Beacons. If you are using the same message day in and day out after a while, if people keep dismissing your message because they’ve already read it or don’t find it interesting, your beacon’s ad will be pushed down on Google Nearby’s priority list. (may stop showing up on peoples phones until you change your message)

Keekom recommends new content weekly.

We call this your “Call to Action” phrase and recommend it NOT be over 40 Characters.(it will not show up past 40 Characters)

Example: Back to School Sale!! 50% OFF on Kids Ba…

After 40 Characters are utilized the rest of your message will disappear.

Please View Below for Call To Action Examples…

Keekom offers an automated CTA Service. In the Corporate Plan For more information regarding this service please contact: support@keekom.com or Call: 855-KEEKOM-1

Last Updated: Jan 1, 2017 3:00PM CDT

Example of 200+ attention grabbing call to action notifications for Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Beacons

Each of these is 40 characters or less. Throughout this list, you will find tips and tricks that will help you do more with your beacons than you may have considered. If you have an idea or a beloved notification you think people should know about, feel free to visit www.keekom.com/blog/beaconmessages

Use these notifications to fine tune your own messages or just use them as is.

Please be aware that advertising must be applicable and honest.

Any use of these is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

General Notifications for All Industries

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